For Agencies

DiBooq is the first real-time occupancy calendar for vacation rentals that gives you access to your property owners' current calendar data at any time. Automate your booking processes, save up to 75% time per booking and generate significantly more revenue! Register now and use DiBooq for free!


Benefits for Agencies

  • More revenue by increasing conversion rates on inquiries
  • Improved customer satisfaction thanks to faster response times
  • One integrated platform for communication with property owners
  • Time savings due to streamlined communication processes
  • Competent and professional dealings with customers and owners

Get started now!

Register for the DiBooq Booking Calendar and access real-time availability from property owners and make direct bookings.

Features Booking Calendar

See all property owners’ calendars in real-time

Make coordination struggles with property owners a thing of the past. Automate your booking processes and save significant time!

Real direct bookings

With DiBooq, you can book directly in your property owner’s calendar. Enhances customer satisfaction and increases revenue in your agency.

More success through optional reservations

With our options (=optional reservations) feature, you can reserve time slots for your customers. Within the option time frame, you can confirm and convert them into bookings.

Comprehensive history of all occupancies

All processes related to a single occupancy such as inquiries, confirmations or changes are documented in DiBooq and can be tracked by owners and the agency at any time.

Inviting property owners made easy

Prepare occupancy calendars and invite property owners to DiBooq with a few clicks! Once they confirm their occupancy status in the app, you’ll be working together in real-time.

Direct booking on your agency website

Enable direct booking on your website, increase sales and save yourself a lot of time! Last but not least, your customers will enjoy a seamless booking experience.


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