For Property Owners

Streamline your communication with agencies, friends, family, regular guests and service providers by inviting them to your Dibooq real-time booking calendar. Your contacts can easily book themselves in according to the booking conditions you set. Increase your sales, stay connected with your contacts and keep them up to date with the latest booking status.


Benefits for Property Owners

  • Access your occupancy calendar anytime, anywhere
  • Keep your network up to date about availability
  • Improve revenue by increasing occupancy rates
  • Save time through streamlining communication
  • Free of charge

Start now with the DiBooq mobile app!

Sign up for the DiBooq booking calendar, invite agencies, friends, family members and regular guests and receive bookings in real time on your mobile phone.

DiBooq im Apple App Store

Features Owner App

Manage occupancies easily

Always have your calendar at your fingertips. Create reservations and easily distinguish between your own reservations, bookings, options or blocked time periods.

Share your calendar with your contacts

Share your occupancy calendar(s) in real-time with agencies, family, friends, regular guests or service providers to increase your occupancy.

All bookings in one app

Allow your contacts to send you booking requests and confirm with just one click. You can even activate agencies for direct bookings.

Set booking conditions

Set the key conditions under which your agencies can request occupancies or book directly into your calendar.

Unlimited number of calendars

You own multiple vacation properties? No problem, with the DiBooq app you can manage as many calendars as you want.

Comprehensive History

Each process is documented with a detailed history. This allows you to track requests, changes or cancellations at all times.

Pricing owner app

All packages included a free 7-day trial.


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